Diet To Lose Belly Fat

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Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat

Hi, my name is Mark and I have just recently lost just over two stone following the best diet to lose belly fat called the Fat Loss Factor

I was 16 stone, not very athletic and according to my doctor; at great risk of getting heart disease and diabetes. I knew I had to make a change so needed to find diet that wasn’t just a fad, but rather a lifestyle choice. That’s where I came across the Fat Loss Factor. It really is a great program that allows you to eat loads of different food and feel energised all day long. 

Let me give you a quick rundown of what’s in the programme.

Fat loss factor is all about healthy lifestyle and not just a quick fix. It’s all about implementing a change in your life that incorporates physical fitness, proper nutrition, and formulating the correct mental attitude to make sure you reach and exceed your goals. The program itself has tons of information but is really easy to follow so is great for everyone, even if you know nothing about diet and fitness.

The program advises you to take all your measurements before you start so that you can see how far you have come. Unfortunately, I didn’t bother with this step and I really regret it now as it really can tell you exactly what you have achieved. I did weigh myself at the beginning though and started off at just over 16 stone. By the time I’d finished I was about 13 ¾ stone. To say I was pleased with this change is a total understatement! A real life changer!

One thing to remember that following the Fat Loss Factor is that it is not a quick fix. In order to get the results that you crave, you will definitely have to put the work in. In the end though, if you follow the program, you can be pretty much guaranteed that you will have a lean and healthy body that will get heads turning. It’s all about changing your eating habits and eating the correct foods that are great for fat loss, give great energy and also boost your metabolism so that your body burns fat all day long.

Watching what you eat is not the only key to success. The program also shows you tons of information about exercise and the best exercises to burn fat. You don’t have to worry about taking any supplements, or the latest diet pills, as the method used in the book is to produce more body muscle. This is because muscle burns calories so even after the you have finished your exercise, your body will still be eating away at the calories in your body, even when you are at rest. Don’t worry too much about building muscle, it’s more a case of toning rather than bulking up.

As well as working out to increase muscle mass, you are also shown some really great cardiovascular routines. But don’t be worried, it not hours of mindless running or riding an exercise bike but rather short sharp bursts known as interval training. This method of training is fully backed up by scientific research and is known to burn more of your fat stores than any other style of training. It also means you don’t have to train for particularly long sessions. That leaves you have tons more time to do the stuff you want to do in life!

I have been really pleased with my progress since following fat loss factor programme and I would recommend it hands down as the best diet and exercise regime I have ever done.

If it is something that sounds interesting to you and you want to find out more information check out this crazy video from the Fat Loss Factor team.